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Throw us the keys, we can drive the entire process. We make it our business to help you focus on yours. Click here to see our managed hosting options.

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Required low resources but need full control. Why not try our Fully managed VPS to fulfil your need by giving you complete control our virtual box without putting any kind of limits.


Our most favorite services which provide performance and power you need.

$99 /mo
  • Intel Xeon E3-1230v1(4cores,8 threads)
  • 8GBDDR3 Memory
  • 120GBSSD Primary Disk
  • Storage500GB SATA
  • 1GbpsNetwork Pipe
  • 10TBTransfer
  • 100GBOffsite Backup
  • Uptime99.999%

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$350 /mo
  • Intel Xeon E5-2620v2(12 cores, 24 threads)
  • 64GBDDR3 Memory
  • 120GBSSD Primary Disk
  • Storage2 x 1TB SATA
  • 1GbpsNetwork Pipe
  • 20TBTransfer
  • 500GBOffsite Backup
  • Uptime99.999%

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