Data Proccesing

Controlweb never compromise on anything less than excellence. We never deploy low end hardware that will be always bottleneck to our clients for processing High amount of data.

VPS – Hosting Plans

Please find the most demanding Virtualization packages built upon Powerfull Bare Metal Hardware

Disk Space 40 GB 100 GB 200 GB 500 GB
Bandwitd Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedB Unlimited
Controlpanel Accounts ok ok ok ok
FTP Accounts Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedB Unlimited
Sub-Domains Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedB Unlimited
Domains Unlimited Unlimited UnlimitedB Unlimited
Mysql Database ok ok ok ok
Memory 1024 MB 2048 MB 4096 MB 5048 MB
Fully Managed ok ok ok ok
Setup ok ok ok ok
99.9% Uptime ok ok ok ok
Technical Assistance ok ok ok ok
Operating System Centos Centos Centos Centos
CPU 4 x 3.3+ Ghz Cores 4 x 3.3+ Ghz Cores 4 x 3.3+ Ghz Cores 4 x 3.3+ Ghz Cores
Monthly Price





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